Smithtown Google Apps For Education

As a reminder, we are converting to Google hosted email this week.  Your email address does not change.  The server that hosts your email and calendar changes.  The Smithtown website drop down menu item Staff>Google Apps will direct you to the Google Apps login page.  You will login with your full Smithtown email address and the new Google password that you set in June. 



  1. Tuesday, 7/8/2014 - 7:00 PM:
    1. All new email messages will be routed to your Google hosted Smithtown account
    2. We ask that you refrain from initiating new email on Tuesday evening while we cutover to the new system.
  2. Wednesday, 7/9/2014 - 7:00 AM:
    1. Remote (web based or phone) access to the old Smithtown server will be disabled. 
    2. All new email messages and calendar entries must be in the Google system
    3. We will begin migrating previous email and calendar data from the old Smithtown server to the new Smithtown Google server.  It is estimated that this process will take about a week to complete.


Mobile devices: 

Tablets and smart phones have different options for connecting to email.  A common choice is to use the default mail program for your device.  Follow the steps for adding a new Google account using your Smithtown email address and your new Smithtown Google password.  Additionally, you could use the Gmail App for Android or Apple devices which is similar to the look and feel of Gmail in a web browser.  If you have trouble, please attend the Tech Support Lab listed below. 


Training & Support:


Identity Theft:

We will NEVER send an email asking you to submit personal information that we already have on file.  These types of emails are known as phishing – an attempt to get you to send information that can be used for a future security breach or to assume your identity.  If you get an email that you think is suspicious, delete it.  If an email has an embedded link - you should never just click on the link – you should hover over the link to see the actual website you are being redirected to.  Generally, it is bad practice to click on a link in an email.  It is better to navigate to the website yourself to avoid being re-directed to a suspicious site that may try to collect your personal information.

Thank you

Smithtown Google Apps For Education